Your job

It’s your job to cause me pain

You are here to cause it again.

I’m not sure how I win.

I’ve tried to live without sin.

But none of it works I’m still hurt.

So now I am the evil one.

I’ll do whatever it takes to even the game.

Nothing to lose only to gain.

Discussion of How Anansi became a storyteller

Anansi wanted the stories to make people happy. He came to the sky god and asked for them. The sky god told him to bring him the python and he could be the storyteller. Anansi tricked the python and tied him to a branch. He took the python to the sky god. Anansi went through all this to make people happy so they could have their stories. What happens when we no longer treasure our storytellers? Are the people happy without their stories? We need our stories when we see our children bored, the stories make them happy. I hope we can continue to share our stories and make someone happy.

Cloudy Space

In a hard place

In a cloudy space

I see your face

And try to erase

The times I saw you

The times I knew

That had come and gone

They were wrong

but maybe on the right path

I want to look back and laugh

but only pain is there

I can’t care

Because sometimes you are not here

You are in a dark place

Or a cloudy space

Discussion of The Knight’s Tale be Geoffrey Chaucer

Palamon and Arcite fall in love with Emily. They are arrested and spend time in jail. They both get out and claim Emily. They have to battle to win her. Arcite wins but he is killed by his horse and he tells Emily to marry Palamon. Arcite’s love for Emily shows when he tells her to marry Palamon. He wants her to be happy because she cannot be with him. He knows that Palamon will love her and he gives his blessing.

Are we standing in the way of our friends happiness? Are we contributing to their happiness or are we a part of their downfall? If you ever have to wonder if someone is you friend, just think about all the times they supported you. If no one is around when you need support then all your friends are gone.


Mother I love you for all the times you took my side

I love you for all the times I was wrong and you were right

I love you because you knew me better than I knew myself

I love you because I can tell you anything

I love you because I can always give you a ring

I love you because you make me smile when all I want to do is frown

I love you because you are the best that you could be

and that is all I need

You gave me a chance when all bets were off

I set sail and I was lost

You guide me on the path

And even make me laugh

I love you for forgiving me when I did not behave

I love you because you always knew what to say

I love you for giving me space to breathe

and question and try even when everyone else wondered why

I love you because you were stronger than anything

You kept going when others would have thrown in the ring

Now you stand tall when so many waited for your downfall

I love you for risking it all

Discussion of the Friar’s Tale by Geoffrey Chaucer

The Friar speaks about the tax collector who goes around collecting money. He approaches a servant to collect taxes and they begin discussing their misdeeds. The servant is actually the devil and he gets away without paying. The Friar goes to collect taxes from a widow. The widow says that the devil should take the tax collector to hell. The devil obliges. When you consort with the devil he has everything he needs to use against you. Don’t think he won’t. Watch out who you talk to. Sometimes they have an ulterior motive.

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The pimp

He pimped her

He got what he needed

He tried to take her life but he took as much as he could

He took her money and her peace

He took her self respect

He slapped her in the face with abusive language

She took everything like it was the way to go

She still deals with pain you know

People think she was crazy and she was bad

But inside that house it was always sad

She didn’t tell anyone because they would use it against her

One of her friends found out and she would get put out

Only the angels could have saved her

From the depths of hell she was in

He gave her things but took away her soul

She paid him dearly and he pretended that he was always right

He even sent the goons but God had another plan

He would get justice very soon and everyone would know that he dug out her heart with a spoon