On fire

We’re setting things on fire

The love and desire

I’m here for all of it

You’re here to feel it

You can’t get away from it

I can’t catch it with a mitt

I’m almost tired of it

The fire lights up everything

I don’t understand what it means

It might be time for me to blaze a trail

Because I had been running like a snail

But now you lit the spark

And I’m ready to start

Setting things on fire with the desire

Setting things in motion right by the ocean


Your life is behind

Wake up now

Now you will see how

Everything is coming to light

Did you know why

Now is the time

Life is behind you

You keep looking in front of you

But the path was already behind you

You can’t lose

If you look for the lesson behind you

I’m seeing that mistake

You thought you were through

But it’s coming for you

All that you do

Is here for you now

I’m sure you want to know how

God doesn’t forget

Thought you’d get away with it

Can you live with what you did

Or is it getting hid

Everything is coming out now

Your life is behind you

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In love with me

In love with me that’s where I needed to be

Instead I’ve been in love with you

That’s not what it should be boo

I spent all this time loving the wrong one

Look at all that has come undone

I’m loving me now

No one showed me how

I had to learn on my own

How much I have grown

Loving me is the best thing

I’ve been taking care of you

You’ve always been the king

But now I love the queen

Because you can’t be the queen

When to yourself you are mean

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Discussion of Grimm’s Fairytale The King of the Birds

A bear and a wolf were wondering how a king lives and so they looked into a wren’s nest. The bear was not impressed and the young wrens told their father. The father wren said he would take care of the bear. He went to challenge the bear. They both gathered armies. The bear gathered the animals on the land and the bird gathered the beasts of the air. A gnat hid under a leaf to find out the bears plans. He found out that if the fox put his tail down the beasts would retreat. So the Wren told the wasp to sting the fox’s tail until he put it down. The next day the wasp stung the fox and he put down his tail and the animals retreated. The bear apologized and begged pardon for talking about the wren’s nest.

Sometimes there are invisible forces that will defeat you if you are too proud. Pride comes before the fall. Are there places in our lives or the world at large where we see pride that will lead to a fall?

Love in a dream

So much to do

So much loving you

In a dream that is full steam


We are in this bed of roses

I am in the finest of poses

I could love you eternally

If that’s what you need

But you have to tell me

I can see my dream

But I don’t know yours

Mine is all about opening doors

To a place I’ve never been without you

A place that’s for me and you through and through

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When your purpose is higher

Your circle is small no liars

Allowed to get in the way of your crown

God revealed you so I’m not going down

I don’t always listen and that’s why I missed a few steps

But y’all ain’t ready yet

I needed your shade so I could rise to the clouds

Now your shade can’t hold me from standing out in the crowd

Shade is keeping me cool in this heat

Why do you think you can’t get on my beat

Chile go on a have a seat

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Are you here to stay?

I wouldn’t have it any other way.

I’m seeing people come and go like seasons

I’m supposed to be okay alone that’s the reason

I’m okay here by myself,

But sometimes I need some help

Are you coming and going like you always did?

I’m not with that at all kid

You should be where you want to be

Even if it’s not with me

I’m just tired of wondering if you are here

Cause I’m always in your ear

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No mistakes

God doesn’t make mistakes

I’ve got too much on my plate

If I asked for this I take it all back

I’m not ready for that

I’m not ready to think about what a mistake could have been

I’m not ready to think about it again

It hurts sometimes and I cry

I couldn’t even imagine why

Mistakes are not in God’s plan

But I’m looking at the great I am

Sometimes the biggest mistake was never a mistake

You just got twisted up in fate

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