Year of Oshun

In the Year of Oshun

They are in the womb

Waiting to be born

With love they’ll be adorned

You may not know from where

But they will make it here

They will come to take what is theres

They will lay some things bare

Some things will be covered in water

Just because they oughta

Stay out the wata’

Here comes the daughter

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The guys couldn’t be real cause

they’ve got so much to lose

Never been fake cause I got that cake

Without me you won’t lose your place

What God giveth God take it away

If you don’t deserve it somebody

might get in your way

If you have the juice

Someone can’t steal it from you

I’m always real because love is a


If you don’t choose to treat me the

right way then all that love is fake

Just give it all it takes

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You can tell

You can tell me if you want to

If you don’t it is okay too

I can’t get away from you

Not that I’d want to

What if you ran away and never came

back that day

We’d never find our way

But now we are on the path

That is meant to last

I did all that for you

Because you needed me too

But I’ll do more for you

Because I love you

Not anything I don’t want to

Just everything that I can

Because I submit to you



I fell in love with her

I fell so fast I don’t have words

I’ve never felt like this

It was a plutonic miss

I loved her soul before I knew

Not many knew only a few

I learned about this the other day

Now I have lost my way

So confused and somehow she

became my muse

Whatever should I do?

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Oakland Soul

Oakland you know my soul

You know my goals

I’m reaching for the stars

Can I make it that far?

I came from the street

And now it is time

It is time to look at the past

We made it through with a blast

Or maybe it was a bang

Your energy is forever

No matter who pulls the lever

They thought they could bury the tree

But they forgot about the pea

The pea makes more of us

It survives through fuss

Through all the plagues

through all the crusades

through sabotage

without camouflage

Oakland soul

you’ve paid your toll

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