Love everyday

We need love everyday

We need It to make it on our way

Some people are looking for that love

It comes from above

The sun shines and I know love

The water comes and I know love

Love is in the small things

That the world brings

Love is in a kind word

Love is not that absurd

Love must win

If it doesn’t who have we let in

Let love flow through our veins

Let love take the reins

We need It now

We need It like wow

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I am in the lead

I take the lead and you are on the path with me

If I didn’t take the lead where would we be

You would lead us to something before our time

You could be ready now but you don’t have a rhyme

Or even even a reason for this season

I envision years ahead

And you wake up late out the bed

When you have a path maybe you can lead

But I’m still looking for the deed

If you lead where will we go

I’m afraid you don’t know

So maybe it’s time to lead someone else’s mind

Your prepared and ready

I’m going to have to remain steady

Because I like where I’m going

I’m going to start glowing

poetry book

Love alone

Your love would put me first

Your love wouldn’t hurt

But you came in and hurt me

But it’s my fault

I put you in the middle

I let you play second fiddle

I should have walked away

But that’s what I’m doing today

Keep your sadness to yourself

Or for someone who could help

Ask for it and you shall receive

This isn’t love couldn’t be

Poetry book

Who you are

I dont know who you are

You’ve gone away really far

Today I couldn’t get dub

Yesterday I couldn’t get love

If there’s nothing here

Tell me so

I’ve been better than you ever deserved

That is the word

A stressed out place

An unwinnable race

If you’re on the wrong team

I understand why you are mean

If this is the secret

I understand why you keep it

But you could tell me

Because you are sending two the hard way

And that is me and baby

Poetry book

Losing game

Losing game

Always the same

I feel it Now

And this is how

I lost too many times

The bell still chimes

When does the loss end

I’m looking for the bend

That takes me to a better place

Where I don’t have to save face

I’ve lied too much

To run from your touch

It’s not supposed to hurt like this

I’m waiting for partial bliss

Poetry book

1000 years

1000 of years old

As good as gold

We’ve been told

Love last for a 1000 years

Not so many tears

Love will always be there

Sometimes we can’t help but stare

We wonder if it’s in the eyes

But maybe it’s more wise

We are trying to find it

Some of us trying to lose it

Now is the time to really use it

Not run away cause we’re afraid

poetry book

In your eyes

I can see the lies in your eyes

Sometimes I see them in my dreams

Do you know what that means?

I can see the lies before they happen

You think my heart hasn’t been flattened

It will never rise again

I don’t even know what It is to win

You don’t either

You’ve been eating up women like a preacher

Maybe you realized it was all a lie

That you were telling yourself

Because you needed something else

Something that we didn’t have

So don’t be mad

Because you don’t match the standards you’ve set

They were really your parents standards you’ve kept.

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