Discussion of The Knight’s Tale by Geoffrey Chaucer

Palamon and Arcite fall in love with Emily. They are arrested and spend time in jail. They both get out and claim Emily. They have to battle to win her. Arcite wins but he is killed by his horse and he tells Emily to marry Palamon. Arcite’s love for Emily shows when he tells her to marry Palamon. He wants her to be happy because she cannot be with him. He knows that Palamon will love her and he gives his blessing.

Are we standing in the way of our friends happiness? Are we contributing to their happiness or are we a part of their downfall? If you ever have to wonder if someone is you friend, just think about all the times they supported you. If no one is around when you need support then all your friends are gone.

Oakland – Reblog

Welcome to our guide to Oakland. The first place we would like to visit is Lake Merritt. The Lake is one of the largest man-made lakes in the U.S. You can rent paddle boats or walk the lake. There is also a bird sanctuary, which is nice if you like birds. I remember as kids we used to run from child-sized geese, but they no longer inhabit the lake. BBQ is limited to Oakland natives. Just kidding! There are places to sit and have a picnic. The lake was renovated in 2018 and it has a cul-de-sac at one end to cut off traffic. You can see the entrance to Fairyland in the picture. The outside path on the lake is about three miles and the inside path is about 1.5 miles.

The pimp

He pimped her

He got what he needed

He tried to take her life but he took as much as he could

He took her money and her peace

He took her self respect

He slapped her in the face with abusive language

She took everything like it was the way to go

She still deals with pain you know

People think she was crazy and she was bad

But inside that house it was always sad

She didn’t tell anyone because they would use it against her

One of her friends found out and she would get put out

Only the angels could have saved her

From the depths of hell she was in

He gave her things but took away her soul

She paid him dearly and he pretended that he was always right

He even sent the goons but God had another plan

He would get justice very soon and everyone would know that he dug out her heart with a spoon

I see God

I was looking for purpose and sometimes I was lost.

I couldn’t be found.

I didn’t even see me around.

I looked for a reason for being.

I looked for a meaning.

I know that I didn’t put myself here because I gave up a long time ago.

I wonder how I made it and then I know.

God gave me a reason. God gave me time because I spent hours wondering why.

He gave me the hardest journey I could imagine.

It lasted longer than I could fathom

Or anyone else for that matter

And my heart fills with laughter.

Discussion of The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho

We are spiritual beings having an earthly experience. Santiago goes on a quest to find treasure. He was happy being a shepherd, but something was telling him to go find the treasure. Sometimes we are searching for happiness, but it is always inside of us. We may think we are looking for a destination, but we should be looking for the journey. It is not about the destination. It is about finding who you are and what is really important because everyone who is looking for a treasure outside of themselves is lost.

Discussion of Beloved by Toni Morrison

Beloved comes back from the dead to be with her family. When she comes back she may be Sethe’s mother or she may be Sethe’s daughter. When she comes back she causes chaos. She is like a baby in a teenage body. She helps Denver escaped the haunted house. She makes Sethe recognize the pain she has caused by trying to kill her children to keep them from slavery. Beloved represents the past and how it is coming back to you whether you like it or not. Are you ready to deal with it?

Discussion of Parable of the Sower by Octavia Butler

Lauren travels California after it has been devastated by climate change. The price of water is high. Violent nomads roam the streets robbing people. Lauren has created her own religion because she believes God is change. Lauren’s family has a neighborhood that is safe most of the time. Her family life is destroyed when marauders come in and kill people. Lauren has to leave with her safety pack that she made for this day. She travels and gathers followers. Lauren has to protect herself from the pain of others, because she has hyper-empathy. Lauren is protecting others after she has learned to take care of herself. We must take care of ourselves first and then when we are strong we can protect others.


In Mesopotamia Gilgamesh is half god and half man. He is the most handsome man. He wreaks havoc in the town fighting and conquering the women. The people are upset and ask the gods to do something about it. The gods create Enkidu so Gilgamesh has a match. Enkidu is almost as strong as Gilgamesh, but when they fight Gilgamesh wins. Gilgamesh and Enkidu travel and have to fight Humbaba so they can be remembered throughout history. They defeat him. A god sends down the sacred bull. Enkidu and Gilgamesh kill it. The goddess of love tries to seduce Gilgamesh, but he does not marry her. One of them has to die for killing the sacred bull and it is Enkidu. He is poisoned. Gilgamesh searches for immortality. He meets Utnapishtim. Utnapishtim says humans cannot be immortal but he was granted immortality after a flood that wiped away most of mankind.

Gilgamesh has similarities to the bible and greek mythology even though many will say that they cannot be correlated. God didn’t just come to the Hebrew people. God comes in many forms to all people. We have God within us. We are all one? Are you willing to accept the divine intervention in your life whether it is an earthquake, a flood, love, synchronicities, peace, war, or immortality?

Discussion of a Midsummer Nights Dream by Shakespeare

Fairies and Cupids intervene in our love lives causing chaos that we believe are only dreams.

Demetrius and Lysander fall in love with Helena in their dreams.

Lysander and Hermia are going to run away together until Lysander is sprinkled with fairy dust and now loves Helena.

Puck has messed up and he corrects his mistake so Demetrius and Helena can be together.

So at first Demetrius is running from Helena and then they are in love.

What if the dream was real and no one ever made it because cupid crossed his bows?