Discussion of Henry David Thoreau’s Life Without Principle

“An efficient and valuable man does what he can, whether the community pay him for it or not (Thoreau, 380)”

What if one day the only jobs left were those that did not get any pay? What if the most important jobs were those that never got any pay? Mothers do not get paid but without the good ones we would be left with horrible people. If we didn’t get paid to do what we do, how many of us would still do that job? How many jobs would still exist? Are we spending our lives efficiently by doing what we love, what serves the most people even if we never get paid? Would you still be working if you never got paid? Is your job that important? Some of us waste our lives doing something we could never love, while we judge others that don’t make much but only do what they love.

New Poetry Book


I looked for a crown to match mine

Maybe I was confused all the time

I didn’t see the whole thing

I only asked for simple string

I should have asked for everything

I can now see that there are things I have

that you cannot get anywhere else

so I should ask for things wide as asteroid belts

I should ask for all that I am

because I am beyond Abram

I have been renamed and you will be the same

We live in the skies

You were waiting for me to rise

Best Friend

I love you because you are my best friend

I can talk to you time and again

You are like me but what you’ll be we will see

You are smart and kind

You are thoughtful all the time

You make me a better me

You are the reason why

I can’t think of a better time

I love you because I choose you

I choose to see you through

I love you and I can’t wait for you to tell me

some of your secrets

I’ve loved you all along

And anyone who didn’t is wrong

I love you through all the universes

and I can’t wait to traverse it

New Poetry Book

Love Eternal

My love is eternal

but you are temporary

your emotions come and go

you’d like to pretend you didn’t so

if only I could pretend too

what would it do

what if I pretended all along

that it was you that made the song

My love is eternal

and it hurts for that long

I loved you before I knew

I loved you and you were the worst in my life

I forgive you and you put me through the most

Caused the most strife

I couldn’t get rid of it and God knows I tried

I cried for years and years

You ignored the tears

You caused those tears and I wanted to get rid of this love eternal

but it followed me and brought me to my knees on a regular basis

now my heart is in stasis

New Poetry Book

Canceled Plans

I will always cancel the plans

and make them again

You are not in the hand

You are a joker on the side

what is a side

something that you don’t need

something to do with greed

Laughing at the seed

that you think is buried

but it’s a seed that should have waited til you married

Things could go so well if you stayed in your own hell

So many calls

that I’ll never answer

because I don’t know whose on the other side

someone who chose to go along for the ride

and be a pawn just to get along

New poetry book

Discussion of Wild Seed By Octavia Butler

Doro searches for Anyanwu. He needs someone immortal. He gives her to his son Isaac, but she loves him. Anyanwu marries Isaac, but she hates Doro for it. Later Doro takes Anyanwu as his wife. She wants to die because Doro is a killer.

Love is out there looking for us while we look for it. Usually it comes when we are not looking. It comes and destroys normalcy and logic. Logic and love don’t exist together. Sometimes love comes and we are not ready. Maybe they are not ready. I don’t think I’m ever ready for disruption. I like the waterfalls I’m used to, but in a sense I knew there was something out there waiting for me. I don’t want it, but it won’t go away. I tried everyday until I cried it away. Really all I did was give it a bigger space. The more I tried to erase, the more it took up space. I’m still at odds with it because it was easy before, but maybe this time it is more.

Only Love

Only Loves break your heart

Only loves bring the pain

The pain that brought me to death

The pain that brought me to life

Only the ones in my heart

can tear it apart

it was a love that said you are too silly

my best friend at 8

it was a love that gave me hell

my love at 23

it was a love that sent me to hell

a parent at 26

it was a love that sent me over the edge

my love at 29

I’m through with the loves

for my heart is cold

all that love is not for the old


Mother I love you for all the times you took my side

I love you for all the times I was wrong and you were right

I love you because you knew me better than I knew myself

I love you because I can tell you anything

I love you because I can always give you a ring

I love you because you make me smile when all I want to do is frown

I love you because you are the best that you could be

and that is all I need

You gave me a chance when all bets were off

I set sail and I was lost

You guide me on the path

And even make me laugh

I love you for forgiving me when I did not behave

I love you because you always knew what to say

I love you for giving me space to breathe

and question and try even when everyone else wondered why

I love you because you were stronger than anything

You kept going when others would have thrown in the ring

Now you stand tall when so many waited for your downfall

I love you for risking it all


The pimp

He pimped her

He got what he needed

He tried to take her life but he took as much as he could

He took her money and her peace

He took her self respect

He slapped her in the face with abusive language

She took everything like it was the way to go

She still deals with pain you know

People think she was crazy and she was bad

But inside that house it was always sad

She didn’t tell anyone because they would use it against her

One of her friends found out and she would get put out

Only the angels could have saved her

From the depths of hell she was in

He gave her things but took away her soul

She paid him dearly and he pretended that he was always right

He even sent the goons but God had another plan

He would get justice very soon and everyone would know that he dug out her heart with a spoon