In love with me

In love with me that’s where I needed to be

Instead I’ve been in love with you

That’s not what it should be boo

I spent all this time loving the wrong one

Look at all that has come undone

I’m loving me now

No one showed me how

I had to learn on my own

How much I have grown

Loving me is the best thing

I’ve been taking care of you

You’ve always been the king

But now I love the queen

Because you can’t be the queen

When to yourself you are mean

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Love in a dream

So much to do

So much loving you

In a dream that is full steam


We are in this bed of roses

I am in the finest of poses

I could love you eternally

If that’s what you need

But you have to tell me

I can see my dream

But I don’t know yours

Mine is all about opening doors

To a place I’ve never been without you

A place that’s for me and you through and through

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When your purpose is higher

Your circle is small no liars

Allowed to get in the way of your crown

God revealed you so I’m not going down

I don’t always listen and that’s why I missed a few steps

But y’all ain’t ready yet

I needed your shade so I could rise to the clouds

Now your shade can’t hold me from standing out in the crowd

Shade is keeping me cool in this heat

Why do you think you can’t get on my beat

Chile go on a have a seat

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Who you are

I dont know who you are

You’ve gone away really far

Today I couldn’t get dub

Yesterday I couldn’t get love

If there’s nothing here

Tell me so

I’ve been better than you ever deserved

That is the word

A stressed out place

An unwinnable race

If you’re on the wrong team

I understand why you are mean

If this is the secret

I understand why you keep it

But you could tell me

Because you are sending two the hard way

And that is me and baby

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Losing game

Losing game

Always the same

I feel it Now

And this is how

I lost too many times

The bell still chimes

When does the loss end

I’m looking for the bend

That takes me to a better place

Where I don’t have to save face

I’ve lied too much

To run from your touch

It’s not supposed to hurt like this

I’m waiting for partial bliss

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Weird Place

I’m in a weird place

When I see your face

I saw it at my house

And I was a quiet as a mouse

I saw it in the car

It didn’t shake me ajar

I saw it in my dreams

I don’t know what it means

How many times is it just a fiction

Maybe it’s a dereliction

I didn’t want to follow

Sometimes my heart is hollow

But sometimes I smile

Because I know it’s coming in a while

But for now I’m in a weird place

When I see your face

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