I asked for something

I asked for something so I wouldn’t cry anymore

I asked for something worth fighting for

Then you arrived and I didn’t understand what was happening

If all I had to do was ask I should have gotten it long ago but instead I was playing a losing hand

Then you disappeared and I knew what pain really was. God give it and take it away. Mostly I felt like things were taken away.

I’m thankful for the moments when I felt like nothing could go wrong.

I’m thankful but I still cry because why would I have it for a moment and then die everyday

Cause it’s gone but I still go on

Discussion of the Hand I Fan With by Tina McElroy Ansa

Lena was different and so was her man. She had been fanning everyone else all her life and now it was time for her to find someone to fan with. What if a ghost was the love of your life? Could you live with a spirit or do you need the real thing? Is it love if you can’t take him anywhere and no one would ever understand? If you saw a ghost and he talked to you would you run? If you saw a ghost and it kissed you would you faint? What if it’s a kiss to build a dream on?

Discussion of The Handmaid’s Tale by Margaret Atwood

In The Handmaid’s Tale the women cannot “work”, which really means they cannot leave the house. They can still bear children for another woman. Someone also takes care of these children.

Moira never follows the direction of Gilead. She tries to escape twice. In her second attempt she is successful, but she becomes a prostitute. Can women be valuable to men in a world like Gilead? Can women be valuable in a world that is focused on one goal? If we run from something all of our life and then we find ourselves running to it, have we just discovered that which we should have known all along?