All this talk of support

I thought I wouldn’t need to explain the word

Support is never there

I should have given up

Instead I’m pulling out my hair

I sacrificed so much for you

But what do you do?

You turn around and say yes

But you’re always full of it

If it’s not what you wanna do

Just leave because I’m through

I don’t need to be on the team all alone

You won’t even pick up the phone

Support isn’t there

Why r u here?

Like, share

Losing game

Losing game

Always the same

I feel it Now

And this is how

I lost too many times

The bell still chimes

When does the loss end

I’m looking for the bend

That takes me to a better place

Where I don’t have to save face

I’ve lied too much

To run from your touch

It’s not supposed to hurt like this

I’m waiting for partial bliss

Poetry book

Worst day

On the worst day of my life

I cried and cried

It was six hours and no one knew

I wanted to die and no one had a clue

I’ve lived everyday alone

Even in my own home

My only friend had been gone 15 years

But I made it through all the tears

My grandmother left me here alone

But now I see that alone is where I belong

I am my best friend forever and ever

Through all types of weather

At least I know after the worst day ever

Things got better

Poetry book