I am in the lead

I take the lead and you are on the path with me

If I didn’t take the lead where would we be

You would lead us to something before our time

You could be ready now but you don’t have a rhyme

Or even even a reason for this season

I envision years ahead

And you wake up late out the bed

When you have a path maybe you can lead

But I’m still looking for the deed

If you lead where will we go

I’m afraid you don’t know

So maybe it’s time to lead someone else’s mind

Your prepared and ready

I’m going to have to remain steady

Because I like where I’m going

I’m going to start glowing

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Discussion of Parable of the Sower by Octavia Butler

Lauren travels California after it has been devastated by climate change. The price of water is high. Violent nomads roam the streets robbing people. Lauren has created her own religion because she believes God is change. Lauren’s family has a neighborhood that is safe most of the time. Her family life is destroyed when marauders come in and kill people. Lauren has to leave with her safety pack that she made for this day. She travels and gathers followers. Lauren has to protect herself from the pain of others, because she has hyper-empathy. Lauren is protecting others after she has learned to take care of herself. We must take care of ourselves first and then when we are strong we can protect others.