Five years old

I have been programmed since five years old

I cannot remember what I was told

For two years no one talked to me

For for four years I couldn’t talk you see

Now I’ve found my voice

I’m not giving anyone a choice

You can listen or move away

I’m not playing today

Or any day

I’m not quiet

I’m sorry if you thought it was that way

I’m not shutting up that’s how it will stay

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The ancestors saved me

It was a life that wasn’t meant to be

It wasn’t supposed to go that way

They knew from the first day

They always took care of me

They always knew it would be

They saved me from a deafening silence

They saved me from a place I could not speak

They saved me from a vultures beak

They saved me from the streets

They saved me from a place where darkness meets

They saved me from a world that me it would eat

Thankful for the ancestors that knew I needed a reprieve

Because I had lots of life up my sleeve

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We are the family

I see it in your eyes

I hear it in your voice

I’m loving the life

No one can get in the way

It is time

It is the reason why I am here waiting

I just didn’t know what I was waiting for

I’m still for the arrival

The business is almost finished

Or maybe it just started

We are all so guarded

But we broke down any walls

Without much fight

I keep losing things but I’m tired

of losing them

and I’m going to win.