Losing game

Losing game

Always the same

I feel it Now

And this is how

I lost too many times

The bell still chimes

When does the loss end

I’m looking for the bend

That takes me to a better place

Where I don’t have to save face

I’ve lied too much

To run from your touch

It’s not supposed to hurt like this

I’m waiting for partial bliss

Poetry book

In your eyes

I can see the lies in your eyes

Sometimes I see them in my dreams

Do you know what that means?

I can see the lies before they happen

You think my heart hasn’t been flattened

It will never rise again

I don’t even know what It is to win

You don’t either

You’ve been eating up women like a preacher

Maybe you realized it was all a lie

That you were telling yourself

Because you needed something else

Something that we didn’t have

So don’t be mad

Because you don’t match the standards you’ve set

They were really your parents standards you’ve kept.

New Poetry book