Year of Oshun

In the Year of Oshun

They are in the womb

Waiting to be born

With love they’ll be adorned

You may not know from where

But they will make it here

They will come to take what is theres

They will lay some things bare

Some things will be covered in water

Just because they oughta

Stay out the wata’

Here comes the daughter

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You can tell

You can tell me if you want to

If you don’t it is okay too

I can’t get away from you

Not that I’d want to

What if you ran away and never came

back that day

We’d never find our way

But now we are on the path

That is meant to last

I did all that for you

Because you needed me too

But I’ll do more for you

Because I love you

Not anything I don’t want to

Just everything that I can

Because I submit to you


Sometime it’s worth the pain

Sometimes it’s worth the pain to see you smile again

Sometimes it’s worth the pain to hear you laugh again

You never really leave

Cause I haven’t seen you and I’m crying on my sleeve

I see you all the time in my dreams

The more I walk away the more you come to stay

So it’s just something we gotta work through

Something that connects me to you

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Discussion of Henry David Thoreau’s Life Without Principle

“An efficient and valuable man does what he can, whether the community pay him for it or not (Thoreau, 380)”

What if one day the only jobs left were those that did not get any pay? What if the most important jobs were those that never got any pay? Mothers do not get paid but without the good ones we would be left with horrible people. If we didn’t get paid to do what we do, how many of us would still do that job? How many jobs would still exist? Are we spending our lives efficiently by doing what we love, what serves the most people even if we never get paid? Would you still be working if you never got paid? Is your job that important? Some of us waste our lives doing something we could never love, while we judge others that don’t make much but only do what they love.

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Best Friend

I love you because you are my best friend

I can talk to you time and again

You are like me but what you’ll be we will see

You are smart and kind

You are thoughtful all the time

You make me a better me

You are the reason why

I can’t think of a better time

I love you because I choose you

I choose to see you through

I love you and I can’t wait for you to tell me

some of your secrets

I’ve loved you all along

And anyone who didn’t is wrong

I love you through all the universes

and I can’t wait to traverse it

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Love Eternal

My love is eternal

but you are temporary

your emotions come and go

you’d like to pretend you didn’t so

if only I could pretend too

what would it do

what if I pretended all along

that it was you that made the song

My love is eternal

and it hurts for that long

I loved you before I knew

I loved you and you were the worst in my life

I forgive you and you put me through the most

Caused the most strife

I couldn’t get rid of it and God knows I tried

I cried for years and years

You ignored the tears

You caused those tears and I wanted to get rid of this love eternal

but it followed me and brought me to my knees on a regular basis

now my heart is in stasis

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We are the family

I see it in your eyes

I hear it in your voice

I’m loving the life

No one can get in the way

It is time

It is the reason why I am here waiting

I just didn’t know what I was waiting for

I’m still for the arrival

The business is almost finished

Or maybe it just started

We are all so guarded

But we broke down any walls

Without much fight

I keep losing things but I’m tired

of losing them

and I’m going to win.