The ancestors saved me

It was a life that wasn’t meant to be

It wasn’t supposed to go that way

They knew from the first day

They always took care of me

They always knew it would be

They saved me from a deafening silence

They saved me from a place I could not speak

They saved me from a vultures beak

They saved me from the streets

They saved me from a place where darkness meets

They saved me from a world that me it would eat

Thankful for the ancestors that knew I needed a reprieve

Because I had lots of life up my sleeve

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Mothers’ Children

We are our Mother’s children

That mood they just caught came from you

The way they relate to others they learned it too

The way you hold it all in

Makes them let it out in sin

The way you restrict them

Causes them to fight the stem

The way you ignore causes them to ignore

The way you shush them tells them they are a bore

Why wouldn’t you want them to develop their own mind

It will catch up with you in time

They will question every seed they have sown

They will always hesitate to decide on their own

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