Mothers with the strength of ten men

Mothers who would do it all again

You’ve been doing it with every breath

You’re not even finished yet

You do it with such grace

People are baffled all over the place

They don’t even realize your work begins with the sunrise

The sun is beginning to set

But you’re just getting wet

Taking on the second duties

Like making little booties

It’s amazing and awe inspiring

But you never get your title as king

You continue to work like nobody’s business

So much you’ve given us

We don’t even know

But the day is coming when Mothers sow

They get everything their due

And it all is in honor from you

If only we could all be this way

We’d all have a better world to live in

And we’d all have real strength always

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Came here

You came here to destroy

That’s what you came here for

You’re giving nothing

Nothing from nothing leaves nothing

Been working So hard for something

Coming up with nothing

God give them something better to do

Cause I’m gonna destroy them too

When you have nothing left

You’ll fight til your last breath

I’m still fighting

Breaking through the lightning

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I made everyone a priority

I didn’t know who I wanted to be

I went to every function because I fear missing out

The truth is I missed out on my life for thirty years with no pout

My priority was to be perfect you see

So everything had to keep functioning

I went on without skipping a beat

No one noticed there was no upbeat

I was drenched in all black

And everyone was okay with that

Now I only wear it for Halloween

Do you understand what I mean?

I’ve made me the priority

If I live like most of those I know

I’ll only go to places where I get to put on a show

I’ll only go because you are looking out for my priorities

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Me and Angel

Me and Angel always make it

She always catches with a mit

She blocks with her arms

To make sure we don’t come to harm

I talk to her and she calms my nerves

She knows who is gonna get served

She’s knows before I do

But that’s the way it should be boo

I’m excited that Angel isn’t going anywhere

Sometimes I have to stop and stare because I’m trying to be aware

I want to see all the times she saved me

But really she was saving we

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No Time to pretend

He don’t need anything from you to win

I don’t need you to try to make my work a spin

I helped when there was no way out

I helped and I don’t get any clout

We’re not cool because I see through you

You can call me moody if you like

But you know all about that, right?

You wouldn’t understand the work I put in

Maybe it looks easy because I’ve always been sharp

But it’s not when there’s a hole in your heart

I made it when I couldn’t care less

I didn’t take any deep breaths

I just held it all in

And pushed because the only option I was given was win

Who cares if most of the time I would pretend?

I remember

I remember back in December

Mom would get all the food ready

I remember when she took me to school each day

I remember when I would come home

Dinner was on its way

You saw the good in everyone

The people left can’t see anything in me

You were the guiding light

Now no one knows wrong from right

I remember you gave the best advice

I wish you could come back

I’d love to see you and all that

I’d love to give you a hug

I’d love for you to look at me smug

I feel like if you came back you’d put us together again

I feel like we need someone to take your place

Someone who could see hearts

Someone whose love was art

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I’m hungry

I wake up at 3

I’m hungry you see

You and me

Were there just a minute ago

Maybe I’ll never know

I just dream and I get so full

I wake up and it’s all bull

I’m hungry and it’s time to eat

I wake up and eat something sweet

I shouldn’t be eating

But I needed it even when I tried to walk away from it

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It was all a game

It was all a game

You thought you knew my name

You thought you would destroy me

The worst was yet to come

I’ll never be done

There was more than one who played me like a fiddle

Once I was stuck In the middle

I didn’t even know

Someone set me up in a griddle

So I could get fried

Thinking I would have died

But you don’t know what I’m here for

Limitless goals such a high score

And just think you lost a long time ago

But you didn’t even know