I looked for a crown to match mine

Maybe I was confused all the time

I didn’t see the whole thing

I only asked for simple string

I should have asked for everything

I can now see that there are things I have

that you cannot get anywhere else

so I should ask for things wide as asteroid belts

I should ask for all that I am

because I am beyond Abram

I have been renamed and you will be the same

We live in the skies

You were waiting for me to rise

Best Friend

I love you because you are my best friend

I can talk to you time and again

You are like me but what you’ll be we will see

You are smart and kind

You are thoughtful all the time

You make me a better me

You are the reason why

I can’t think of a better time

I love you because I choose you

I choose to see you through

I love you and I can’t wait for you to tell me

some of your secrets

I’ve loved you all along

And anyone who didn’t is wrong

I love you through all the universes

and I can’t wait to traverse it

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Love Eternal

My love is eternal

but you are temporary

your emotions come and go

you’d like to pretend you didn’t so

if only I could pretend too

what would it do

what if I pretended all along

that it was you that made the song

My love is eternal

and it hurts for that long

I loved you before I knew

I loved you and you were the worst in my life

I forgive you and you put me through the most

Caused the most strife

I couldn’t get rid of it and God knows I tried

I cried for years and years

You ignored the tears

You caused those tears and I wanted to get rid of this love eternal

but it followed me and brought me to my knees on a regular basis

now my heart is in stasis

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Canceled Plans

I will always cancel the plans

and make them again

You are not in the hand

You are a joker on the side

what is a side

something that you don’t need

something to do with greed

Laughing at the seed

that you think is buried

but it’s a seed that should have waited til you married

Things could go so well if you stayed in your own hell

So many calls

that I’ll never answer

because I don’t know whose on the other side

someone who chose to go along for the ride

and be a pawn just to get along

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We are the family

I see it in your eyes

I hear it in your voice

I’m loving the life

No one can get in the way

It is time

It is the reason why I am here waiting

I just didn’t know what I was waiting for

I’m still for the arrival

The business is almost finished

Or maybe it just started

We are all so guarded

But we broke down any walls

Without much fight

I keep losing things but I’m tired

of losing them

and I’m going to win.

Full Moon Friends

I’m not here for full moon friends

I don’t want you here again

When my cup is full

Here you come to bring it down again

When it is low you are gone

I’m on the floor crying

I can’t help but hear you lying

Lying in wait for something that is not meant for you

No matter how many spells you do

If it’s for you

I can’t take it

If it’s for me

You can’t break it

let no man put asunder

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Only Love

Only Loves break your heart

Only loves bring the pain

The pain that brought me to death

The pain that brought me to life

Only the ones in my heart

can tear it apart

it was a love that said you are too silly

my best friend at 8

it was a love that gave me hell

my love at 23

it was a love that sent me to hell

a parent at 26

it was a love that sent me over the edge

my love at 29

I’m through with the loves

for my heart is cold

all that love is not for the old

Discussion of How Anansi became a storyteller

Anansi wanted the stories to make people happy. He came to the sky god and asked for them. The sky god told him to bring him the python and he could be the storyteller. Anansi tricked the python and tied him to a branch. He took the python to the sky god. Anansi went through all this to make people happy so they could have their stories. What happens when we no longer treasure our storytellers? Are the people happy without their stories? We need our stories when we see our children bored, the stories make them happy. I hope we can continue to share our stories and make someone happy.