Is that what it’s really about?

I’m stronger than you without any doubt?

If you are having problems and I’m not

I’m staying away from you, you got caught

I’m not worried about nothing but you have to worry all the time

If you pass by me you might see

I’m stronger and because of that I’ll her here longer

Even if you think I’m alone

I’ve never been alone

I’m not wandering or on the roam

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Are you in the way

Thank you for all those that stand in our way

Thank you for making us stronger everyday

Everytime you said no

We just figured out another way to go

Learning about the traps you’ve set

So we can dodge the ones you haven’t put out yet.

You’ve spent too much time setting us up

You didn’t realize that You would trip up

You spent too much time worried about us

We already jumped over those mountains


Mothers with the strength of ten men

Mothers who would do it all again

You’ve been doing it with every breath

You’re not even finished yet

You do it with such grace

People are baffled all over the place

They don’t even realize your work begins with the sunrise

The sun is beginning to set

But you’re just getting wet

Taking on the second duties

Like making little booties

It’s amazing and awe inspiring

But you never get your title as king

You continue to work like nobody’s business

So much you’ve given us

We don’t even know

But the day is coming when Mothers sow

They get everything their due

And it all is in honor from you

If only we could all be this way

We’d all have a better world to live in

And we’d all have real strength always

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I made everyone a priority

I didn’t know who I wanted to be

I went to every function because I fear missing out

The truth is I missed out on my life for thirty years with no pout

My priority was to be perfect you see

So everything had to keep functioning

I went on without skipping a beat

No one noticed there was no upbeat

I was drenched in all black

And everyone was okay with that

Now I only wear it for Halloween

Do you understand what I mean?

I’ve made me the priority

If I live like most of those I know

I’ll only go to places where I get to put on a show

I’ll only go because you are looking out for my priorities

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No Time to pretend

He don’t need anything from you to win

I don’t need you to try to make my work a spin

I helped when there was no way out

I helped and I don’t get any clout

We’re not cool because I see through you

You can call me moody if you like

But you know all about that, right?

You wouldn’t understand the work I put in

Maybe it looks easy because I’ve always been sharp

But it’s not when there’s a hole in your heart

I made it when I couldn’t care less

I didn’t take any deep breaths

I just held it all in

And pushed because the only option I was given was win

Who cares if most of the time I would pretend?


All this talk of support

I thought I wouldn’t need to explain the word

Support is never there

I should have given up

Instead I’m pulling out my hair

I sacrificed so much for you

But what do you do?

You turn around and say yes

But you’re always full of it

If it’s not what you wanna do

Just leave because I’m through

I don’t need to be on the team all alone

You won’t even pick up the phone

Support isn’t there

Why r u here?

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